because I tried every drugs in that world, even exotic like peyote (!!), I discovered that truly, sincerely, undoubtedly, no question about it (35 years of experiments), that all of them brings only a deceiving approach of orgasm, kind of wellness.

Worst, no drugs lead to happiness.

You have to break the law, no choice.

There is a warning: you always hear something like « wanna get high? »

It is a question of time, also a question of « what is that world, nowadays« .

Taste and effects are fading, you need more and more.

All of them lead to nightmare and / or death.

Your parents cannot tell you, they didn’t experiment that.

This is the road to death.


Then one day, you become crazy, out of control, you know you won’t be the same anymore, you could also break the law by choice!

You just discover happiness.

There is no warning, maybe a strange glimpse.

It’s also a question of time because Mother Nature wants you to prepare yourself, your health included.

Taste of love is never fading, changing with time but only one is enough.

Your parents can tell you: eventually, they got you.

This is the road to life.

Choice is ours.

(short message to niece and nephew)


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