012 Copy of an open letter to the french president Sarkozy

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Copy of an open letter to the french president Sarkozy
Paris, France, on June 3rd, 2009
Patrice Hénin
29 rue des Meuniers
75012 Paris
+33 1 43 42 19 76
Mr. President of the Republic
You said, in front of President Barak Obama, « … France has a right, honest and consistent with international law.« 
That’s wrong, France is no longer a rule of law.
I discovered, after 3 years of police and judicial procedures, that you are not the President of an « irreproachable democracy« , but a true « banana » republic.
I hearing that you want to moralize capitalism.
So you should be interested in what happens to me.
Anyone familiar with my case were appalled by this judicial machination mounted to eliminate me and my mother. For money. And to my brother and my sister, who live in Florida.
I convened on Thursday 28 May 2009 by the magistrate who will explain how to perform the obligations to which I was convicted. I am sentenced to 6 months in prison if I fail the 3 bonds.
Mr. President, I won’t go to this convocation. You can send your cops, I will not have arms, as in the famous song. I am not a deserter, I respect the law and its obligations.
But no one can fulfill obligations absolutely impossible to perform.
I was sentenced on 2 June 2008 by the Court of Appeal three obligations:
– Find a home and be assigned to residence.
I am a tenant in my apartment for 28 years, Mr. President.
I do not intend to move.
I do not see why I should find a home and home set.
Your justice is crazy.
– Find a job.
I worked all my life, Mr. President.
Today I am a disabled person declared unfit for work since 2001 due to severe emphysema and Chronic bronchitis.
I put in retirement on 1 August 09 and I filed my case pension on 26 May 09.I do not see why I have to find a job under threat of jail.
Your justice is crazy.
– I submit to compulsory medical care, with hospitalization if necessary.
To treat a « dangerousness » invented by an expert psychiatrist, without trial or counsel.
I am not dangerous, Mr. President. This is physically impossible to me.
I can not make the slightest effort without being short of breath, with 53% of lung useful.
All this relates to an email that my brother sent to me in June 2004, in which he wrote: « I will put you in a psychiatric hospital the time ».
A letter « de cachet ».
My brother went in April 2006 in a police station in my neighborhood after hit me like a madman with a bicycle in the courtyard of my mother.
He said that I was dangerous for my mother, that she had received death threats from me, because I wanted to inherit everything faster, that I was a vagabond, that I was a parasite of society who had never worked in his life (57 years!) and that therefore they should send me in an psychiatric hospital for the good of all.
It is a collection of inheritance based on a series of defamatory numbing.
The fact that he speaks of inheritance in a deposition for assault should alerts the policemen.
Instead, the officers created false evidence needed.
The fact that I am the victim with wounds and bruises found by a doctor was ignored. They wrote that I was the aggressor.
Then the judges agreed, but I can defend or be present.
Lawyers are never presented and avoided me. A lawyer has still received me, take me for € 600 before disappearing.
Waiting for 3 years that my MP representative wanted to alert the National Commission of Ethics of Security.
I wrote to the police of the police. Dean lawyers. To all elected officials.
The fact that my brother has already been convicted in the United States for physical violence against his wife during their divorce has been ignored.
The 4 testimonies of the police report describing the scene of the altercation are different!
An expert psychiatrist says a disabled respiratory « dangerous, especially to his brother … » !
It seems to me that it was especially taken into account the fact that he was a millionaire, Franco-American real estate developer in Florida who worked in the group Bouygues as Director General.
I told the case in my political blog, I sent you an email to the presidency on July 2007.
In response, my blog has been suspended, my line Internet TV and telephone cut off more than three months without explanation.
Even a forum where I launched a debate on the voting machines was prohibited.
I said that my brother touched his unemployment from 1993 to 1996 when he was a real estate developer in Florida. I hosted him a few days in 1995. He flew to respond to a summons by the Jobless Center.
Explain to french how you go moralizing that.
Since this brother who lives in Florida was sending his letter to my home, I was informed of his retirement calculation career. His four years of unemployment count in calculating his annuity.
Explain to french how you go moralizing that.
I can not go to the police, which is not policed, to involve elected officials, all of which are either corrupt or powerless themselves.
Because my brother is untouchable.
If he was arrested, he retaliate by talking about the transport of national and international funds he has done to corrupt officials while working at Bouygues Immobilier.
So, for the general relief, it was decided that I should disappear with chemical straitjacket, no longer speaking, writing and publishing.
So I sought help elsewhere in the country of Human Rights.
On 07 June 2008, I was received by the First Secretary of Embassy of China to explain that human rights were violated in France, and to publish my case. He asked me copies of written evidence that proves that the President of the French Republic covers violations of human rights in his country.
I gave him the access codes on the blog, so that it can access the new items despite the suspension.
Since my visit in China, « Mr. President, you have waived your requirement that the Chinese government should receive and speak with the Dalai Lama. You have given to see him. Today, your foreign minister tell that the Secretariat of Human Rights « is a mistake. ».
Mr. President, I suspect you of high treason.
Mr. President, give a bonus to players in my drama, policemen, judges, lawyers, notaries, elected …
You hand them a Legion of Honor, because I continue to receive testimonies of scams in the United States, he awakes early in the morning for that.
When I worked in Florida, I was told that my brother was doing trafficking of weapons.
If you find that my story is normal, then you are as crazy as your justice is crazy.
And you lose all legitimacy, leaving the police and justice help crooks « prosper. »
I await your gendarmes, Mr. President.
If you are unable to get justice, because my brother forbids you, then you are no longer legitimate.
Mr. President, resign or abdicate, as you want, but go!


I ask readers of this email not be considered a « spam », but as a bottle to the Internet.
Ask for explanation to Sarkozy, or magistrate Catherine BARES +33 1 44 32 70 97, 12-14 rue Charles Fourier 75648 Paris, France. She convenes May 28 2009 at 10:30.
Write to the European Court of Human Rights to urgently pass my complaint number 32405/08 of 13 January 09.
And you, the media, publish !
So Who do I contact, if not the public opinion?
Mr. President, the Republic is not yours, it’s ours.
Please accept, Mr. President, the assurances of my respectful.
Patrice Henin

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